Saturday 10 March 2012

WSUS and Multiple Reboots

I had to update a Windows 2003 server that hadn’t been updated in a fair while. The server gets its updates from WSUS. Each time I clicked on the Windows Update icon in the task bar Windows went off and downloaded and installed updates from the WSUS server (including Service Pack 2). After the updates had been installed I was invariably asked to reboot the server. After each reboot there would be more updates to install.

So far I have had to reboot the server five times. That means that its gone off to WSUS and downloaded five sets of updates (actually six, it also downloaded and installed the latest RDP client but that didn’t require a reboot).

Why do I need all these reboots? Why do I have to update it multiple times? Why can’t it download and install all the required updates together – like Linux does? If this server had been running Red Hat or Debian or Ubuntu I would have only needed to update once – and rebooted once. Instead it’s taking me hours.

It’s just not good enough!

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