Saturday 10 March 2012

Outlook, HTML, Plain Text and Replies

I currently use Microsoft Outlook 2007 at work. On the whole, it’s ok, but sometimes I do find it frustrating. The problem I’m having at the moment is when I try to reply to an email and I want to make inline comments.

Now it appears that Outlook replies in what ever format the original email was sent in. That’s fine if the original email was plain text. Then each line in the original email will be indented and prefixed with the “>” character. I can just add my comments where I want:

However, if the original email was sent in HTML, then my reply will be in HTML. The problem with that is that it’s less obvious where my comments are:

I can convert the reply to plain text. But that’s even worse as I don’t get the indenting:

It shouldn’t be this hard. It’s just not good enough.

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