Saturday 10 March 2012

Passwords for IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter II

Ah IBM. Their Remote Supervisor Adapter II allows for the creation of up to 12 login ids. The problem is, when you create a password it doesn’t tell you if the password is too long. From trial and error, it seems that the maximum password length is 15 characters. I’ve looked at the source code of the page and I can see that the password field is restricted to that many characters (perhaps I should have saved myself a lot of trail and error testing by looking at the source first):

RSA II Password Length - HTML Code

Now 15 characters isn’t that bad (plenty of systems allow only 8 and it seems one UK bank only allows six). The problem is that it lets you think you have created a password with more than 15 characters – but it only stores the first 15 characters. So, if you set your password to a123456789012345 you can’t login using that password (however, you can login using a12345678901234). Imagine the consequences if this is the only log in account, and you don’t realise the 15 character limit.

Surely it couldn’t have been that hard for the programmer creating the page to have done a basic check and popped up an error message if the password is too long. After all a message does appear if the password doesn’t contain both alphabetic and non alphabetic characters:

RSA II Password Error
So, if they can pop up an error when the password isn’t complex then why can’t they pop up an error when the password is too long.

It’s just not good enough!

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